Spit Sisters // Margaret + Marianne

Margaret Johnson of Spit Sisters Farm is born and bred Alaskan growing up in Anchorage with grandparents who homesteaded in Wrangell, located in Southeast Alaska. Growing up, she would come to Homer often with her dad who was in the fish business and would drive down to the Homer Spit to buy fish. When her sister, Dottie, moved to Homer, it was only time before Margaret made her way to the end of the road.

She tends their East End Road farm with her partner Marianne Hooiser. Spit Sisters are known for their corals which typically are the first to bloom in their high tunnel. They have had such success with their corals that they are planning to build a second high tunnel in 2022. 

In addition to peonies, they have 75 black currant plants, which are earmarked for the Sweetgale Meadworks and Cider House in Homer. They employ organic practices such as the planting of red clover between rows, which provides a green manure to nourish the plants and attract beneficial insects.

Margaret standing proudly in her high tunnel post coral harvest

Margaret in high tunnel

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