Hidden Hills Peony Farm // Boni + MG

Boni McNatt and her husband MG started Hidden Hills Peony Farm in 2013 as she neared her retirement after 40 years as an Emergency Room RN. In contrast to the pace and stress of working in the ER, growing the most beautiful flowers in the world sounded wonderfully peaceful.

Two years after the farm began, honey bees were added to the farm’s operations. Six hives of bees tend 4000 peony plants each summer cleaning the sticky nectar from the buds. In return, Boni and MG get a portion of the honey for home and to share with friends.

The farm is located in the beautiful Hidden Hills at approximately 1000 ft elevation. With 19 cultivars of peonies having 180 degrees of south-facing exposure to the midnight sun, you can practically watch the plants grow as they stretch upward during our 18 hours days.

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