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White/Cream Peony Box

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The color white invokes the feeling of innocence, balance, purity + hope. The White Peony Box is sure to delivery these emotions and more.

We handpick the best in-season peonies for your order filled with the whitest whites and creamiest cream. Please note that due to the unique climate in Alaska, white varieties sometimes have a touch of color. 


  1. Choose box size (based on number of stems).
  2. You will be asked to select shipping date 


  • This box will ship farm-direct overnight to your door
  • We handpick the best in-season varieties for your delivery date.


  • Flowers are harvested at the mature bud stage to prevent damage in shipping and may take 24-48 hours to fully open after arrival.
  • Plan accordingly and order your flower box with ample time for the buds to open.
  • Flowers can be conditioned to open slowly in a cooler or rapidly at room temperature in time for an upcoming event.
  • For more information on conditioning and caring for your peonies, click here.


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