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Boule de Neige

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  • Due to the unpredictability of the Alaskan season, we are no longer taking orders for specific varieties.
  • Instead, please check out ourĀ Wholesale BoxĀ toĀ place your order. If you would like to request this specific variety, please leave us a note in the gift note section at checkout.
Dating back to 1867 by cultivator Calot in France,Ā Boule de NeigeĀ translated into English isĀ "snowball." The buds closely resemble a snowball and as the flower opens it's easy to see how this flower was named.
  • Large double bloom
  • Heirloom peony similar to Festiva Maxima
  • Bone white with red flecks in center petals
  • Ring of golden stamensĀ showing coyly when fully open
  • Intoxicatingly fragrant
Start of harvest // week 27
Available // early-July to early-August